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Run More Efficiently: Do you have these 3 elements?

While there are many factors that contribute to efficient running, for which a comprehensive, individualized assessment is required to gather a full understanding (yes, we do offer those), here are 3 major elements that all runners need:


When we refer to mobility, we typically think about range of motion. Sufficient mobility is necessary to avoid compromised mechanics at the spine and throughout the legs and foot that can lead to increased work and effort, and ultimately, injury.  3 key areas for efficient running are:



Of Course, all this range of motion is of little use if we cannot control it. Excessive mobility without stability can also be harmful and lead to painful conditions and injuries, often to ligaments and joints. These 3 components contribute to stability:



Runners need to be strong and powerful. Our nerdy physics equation reveals that:

            Power = (Force x Distance)/time

Basically, we need to generate as much force to propel our bodies and lift them against gravity in as little time as possible. This requires strength and speed of movement.


As mentioned, there is far more complexity to efficient running. Everyone is different with respect to body structure, genetics, and lifestyle factors that can all affect body mechanics.

If you would like to explore your individual areas for improvement, whether injured or not, get in touch with us today for a Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Running Assessment and Corrective Plan.

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