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Physical Therapy



Physical Therapists are highly trained experts in movement and function. Physical therapy, commonly known as “PT”, is a form of non-pharmacological rehabilitative treatment designed specifically to improve or regain optimal physical function. PT focuses on identifying and correcting impairments specific to each individual through exercise prescription, neuromuscular re-education, hands-on manual therapy, and patient education and training. No two individuals are the same, therefore we focus on determining the underlying cause of dysfunction and providing a personalized corrective program. We believe in providing you with the tools to maximize your recovery and prevent future re-occurrences.

Physical Therapy can benefit many people with a variety of conditions. We are able to help you recover from injury, rehabilitate after surgery, or even prevent the need for surgery. But our services do not stop there. We are able to improve balance and decrease risk of falls, create injury prevention programs, and improve quality of life through enhancing physical activity and mobility. We also specialize in treating women’s and pelvic health.


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