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Sports Performance Training

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Sports performance training can improve your skills on the court, track, or playing field and reduce your risk of injury. At Pipeline Physical Therapy in Oceanside, California, the licensed doctors of physical therapy offer sports performance training services to professional athletes, weekend warriors, and other active people. To schedule sports performance training at Pipeline Physical Therapy today, call or book online.

Sports Performance Training Q&A

What is sports performance training?

Sports performance training is a physical medicine and rehabilitation subspecialty tailored to your specific workout needs. It uses a combination of exercise guidance, lifestyle education, and one-on-one training to improve your athletic skills.


Are sports performance training and personal training the same?

No. Sports performance training and personal training are often mentioned together, but they are the same.

Personal training

Personal training improves your overall physical fitness. For example, if you want to lose weight and increase your muscle tone, personal training can help.

Sports performance training

Sports performance training is more specialized. It helps you reach your competition goals by honing your physical strengths. It also addresses your mindset and outlook, teaching you how to stay calm and collected under the pressure of competition.

The doctors of physical therapy at Pipeline Physical Therapy can help you take your game to the next level.


How does sports performance training improve athletic outcomes?

Athletes who excel in the sports all have something in common –– a mastery of physical motion. But mastery isn’t inherent. It requires years of practice until certain movements become second nature.

Athleticism combines endurance, speed, agility, and strength. Enrolling in sports performance at Pipeline Physical Therapy can help you achieve your goals and improve your skill level. 


What does sports performance training involve?

At Pipeline Physical Therapy, the doctors of physical therapy tailor sports performance training to each athlete’s goals and health history. They might recommend:

Aerobic training

This type of training gets your heart pumping. It combines a continuous series of stretches or exercises to increase circulation and boost your respiratory rate. 

Anaerobic training

Anaerobic training uses short bursts of high-intensity activity with breaks in between. Common anaerobic exercises include box jumps and plyometrics.

Flexibility training

Flexibility training improves your overall range of motion. It uses stretching and activities like Yoga to increase circulation and improve muscle elasticity. 

Strength training

Strength training helps build muscle and stabilize your joints. Your doctor of physical therapy can make personalized recommendations that ensure proper technique and reduce your risk of injury.

Skills training

Certain sports positions require fine motor skills and specific movements. For example, a point guard in basketball needs to have excellent ball-handling skills. Your provider can develop a personalized skills training program that helps you identify weaknesses and improve your technique.

Often, sports performance training involves several training types.


Call Pipeline Physical Therapy today to request a sports performance training consultation or book online.