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Help! Fix my aching back!

Millions of American's deal with non-specific episodes of low back pain. The web is full of experts to help you stretch, contort, decompress, "pop" or zap your spine with a variety of contraptions. Furthermore you can find thousands of videos from clinical experts (who have never evaluated you) to give loads of advice.

Whenever I hear or see some of the movements people have been trying to use to "fix" their back pain I am no longer surprised that they are not getting their desired outcome. 

The course of logic leads me to check the research - so what does it say.....this is from

(A fanastic, unbiased research review company that provides up to date information on nutrition and supplements.) references the linked article below but the answer according to a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials assessed the effectiveness of interventions for acute (<6 weeks) and subacute (6–12 weeks) NSLBP. The primary outcomes were pain intensity and disability, and the secondary outcome was any occurrence of adverse events. In total, 46 studies assessing 8,765 participants were included.

Get to it....


The following treatments significantly reduced pain, in order of efficacy (starting with the most efficacious):

The following treatments significantly reduced disability, in order of efficacy:

Exercise wins again!

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