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Are you physically ready for Pickleball?

Do you have the itch to play the fastest growing sport in America? 

More than 36.5 million people played pickleball from August 2021 to August 2022, according to a new report by the Association of Pickleball Professionals released exclusively to CNBC. The number of people taking up this sport continues to grow. From neighborhood courts to professional circuits, millions of people are enjoying this fun activity. 

Is your body ready to participate and stay injury free? At Pipeline Physical Therapy we are starting to see numerous clients that are seeking treatment for rotator cuff strains, knee arthritis flare-ups and ankle sprains. 


We figured we should offer some tips for injury PREVENTION instead of reactive rehabilitation. See below for 3 things to consider before you hit the courts.

  1. Warm up - very basic advice here is to do slower and lighter movements that you plan to perform on the court prior to going full speed. Some options would be:
    1. Mini-squats to get the hips and knees lubricated
    2. Alternating leg forward mini-lunges
    3. Alternating leg side-to-side steps
    4. Slow paddle swings in the form of overhead/underhand serve, forehand swing and backhand swings
  2. Know your limitations - the number one cause for an injury is a previous injury.
    1. When was the last time your movement system was assessed by a physical therapist?
  3. Perform a proper cool down after the match is over
    1. Hydration is key for muscle pliability - make sure to bring enough water or electrolyte mix to restore your body’s level of hydration
    2. Do a “system check” and see if you notice any post game soreness
    3. Bring a massage stick, percussion massage gun or foam roller with you so you can take care of any tight areas immediately or just as a relaxing treat for your muscles to help the continue to slide and glide

Always remember Pipeline Physical Therapy is here to help! We offer comprehensive movement screening to make sure your body is ready to attack the courts. A screen consists of looking at all joint movements and seeing if there are any potential issues that can be improved with an individualized exercise program. 


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